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Top 5 Data Science Masters’ Programs in 2022

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The demand for highly skilled data scientists is soaring. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for mathematicians and statisticians is expected to grow by 33% through 2029.

Data scientists play an essential role in organizations of all sizes. They help make sense of all the data within an organization to help executives make informed business decisions.

Data scientists use scientific methods, processes, and algorithms to make sense of different types of data. Earning a master’s degree in data science can give you the advanced training needed to collect, maintain, and analyze data and communicate what it all means to key stakeholders.

but before listing out the colleges/programs shouldn’t we ponder over what type of study you want to pursue?

Online v/s Offline

This is quite reasonable given the wide range of possibilities that have emerged as a result of COVID, which has essentially changed how one can obtain a degree.

It is only natural to ponder on which university to select since the pandemic has opened up a wide range of opportunities in the education sector.

To help you understand what is the best option for your future, keep reading.

Whether a degree is earned online or in person, the university’s pedagogy (method of instruction), credits, and recognition all stay the same.

MBA, MCA, M.Com, MSc.Ds (Data Science), MA, BBA, BCA, B.Com, and BA are among these degrees.

In terms of placement, content, and faculty both remain the same but when it comes to fees and mode of communication the students can make a choice as per their requirements.. 

An online course at the same university often costs 1/4 as much as an offline one.

The adaptability of learning is another benefit of an online degree.

The sessions can be completed at the student’s leisure, and any live sessions missed will still be available on the student’s Learning Management System (LMS).

on the other hand. Offline programs encourage you to be more serious about the course, by making you keep up with deadlines and timetables. It teaches you time management and commitment.

Allows you to interact with classmates and teachers face to face, which provides a better opportunity to build a relationships and communicate without any barriers. 

then what to choose?

Overall, both online and offline courses have their pros and cons. If you are busy with an existing job or commitment and feel like a traditional offline degree program would be too expensive or burdensome for you then an online program is a great option to get your degree.

It provides you with an easier alternative to learn and boost your qualifications. On the other hand, offline courses are always valuable in terms of the group work, social interaction, and other important skills that it teaches you. 

let’s jump to the good part

listing criteria: Student/Faculty ratio, Concentration Areas, and Average fee

1. Master’s in Data Science Online | UC Berkeley

Berkeley School Of Information

The online Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program is preparing the next generation of experts and leaders in the data science field and providing students with a UC Berkeley education without having to relocate. Students graduate with connections to UC Berkeley’s extensive alumni network in the Bay Area and across the world. All international applicants will be required to submit official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores.

Click on the title to get to know more about this program

2. MSc Data Science | Indiana University – Bloomington

Indiana University

As a student of the Data Science Program, you’ll prepare to become the data professional our evolving world needs: a holistically trained expert with the vision and skills to use data to solve problems, unite communities, prevent disasters, transform industries, and most importantly, improve lives……….Click on the title to read more

3. MS in Analytics Georgia institute of technology

Georgia Institute

Georgia Tech offers two options for students seeking a Master’s in Analytics. The Master of Science in Analytics (MS Analytics) On-Campus program can be completed in one year and includes “perqs” such as dedicated job placement assistance, on-campus analytics job fairs, and a conference travel budget for each student. The Master of Science in Analytics — Online (OMS Analytics) program provides the option to complete the same degree remotely in one to two years with the same access to the expertise of Georgia Tech faculty. For more information on the online program, please progress to the OMS Analytics website.

4. MS Data Science | DePaul University – Chicago

DePaul University

The data science master’s will provide you with the technical knowledge and advanced computational skills to meet emerging challenges in big data analytics. With on-campus and online classroom learning formats, you can launch a career in data science with extraordinary faculty members—anytime, anywhere.

5. MS Data Analytics | Purdue University Indiana

Purdue University

The Master of Science in Data Analytics program consists of a minimum of 52 quarter credit hours. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a master of science degree.

In this program, you will apply current statistical theories, tools, and processes to curate, manipulate, and present various forms of data. You will master the ability to effectively process data that supports data-informed decisions. You will gain skills across the analytics life cycle, which include data discovery, data aggregation, planning of the data models, data model execution, communication of the results, and operationalization

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